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Meet The Team of Experts, vetted and accomplished in their fields. They will help you reach your personal, parenting and professional goals.
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    Akira Seuradge

    Child Sleep Specialist

    Teaching her own children to sleep well has helped Akira become a confident mother and sleep consultant. It brings her happiness to share her knowledge with others. If you’re longing for that well-rested feeling, Akira can help. Learn More About Akira 

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    Cognitive Behavioral Therapist & Children’s Self-Esteem Coach

    Dr Makiwane is vastly knowledgeable and experienced in the field of mental health, substance abuse and rehabilitation. She has a special interest in human behavior and has completed various Cognitive Behavioral Therapy courses in Canada and USA. She is also a Certified Children’s Self-Esteem Coach and passionate about medical aesthetics and healthy living.. Learn More About Unati

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    Midwife Marley

    Registered Midwife

    Marley is  a registered midwife from Surrey, UK and live with my partner and 5 children including a set of twins. She has practiced midwifery in various settings throughout London and Surrey over the past 10 years covering  both the NHS and private sectors. Learn More About Marley

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    Shamiesha Ebhotemen

    Registered Nurse and Certified Lactation Educator

    Shamiesha teaches prenatal breastfeeding classes and provides both in-home and virtual lactation visits as well to new parents. She is dedicated to advocacy, education, and empowerment of under-served communities. Her mission is to advocate, educate, and empower. Learn More About Miesha

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    Pamela Smith

    Homeschool & Business Coach

     Pamela Smith is a Christian, wife, and a 10-year veteran Homeschooling mother of four. Her children are ages 23, 17, 10, and 6. Pamela is the founder of Black Home Educators  Pamela's motto is, Building a Strong Foundation through Home Education . Learn More About Pamela

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    Denise Wiggins

    Business Expert, Innovator, Strategist, Author & Motivational Speaker

    Denise Wiggins is more than just your average businesswoman: she is a certified life coach, professional speaker, author, and CEO of multiple seven figure businesses:  and she has accomplished it outside of the traditional college success track.

    Learn More About Denise

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    Dr. Sonya Shuler Okoli

    College Dean & Author  of Parenting for College

    Dr.Okoli believes the KEY to raising kids who have a successful, financially uninhibited future is simple; Learn HOW to play the K-12 school "game" EARLY. Learn More About Sonya

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    Dr. Christine Gibson

    Educator & Best Selling Author

    Dr. Christine Gibson is an educator and an innovative thinker. Dr. Gibson has a passion for instructing children and improving the education process through specialized curriculum and individualized instruction. Dr. Gibson has led numerous professional development training to support educational professionals and to enhance their classroom practices. Learn More About Christine

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